Understanding Military Culture

Military culture affects all aspects of a service member’s life – their family, their habits, and their lifestyle attitudes. Service members, Veterans, and their families need to feel heard and understood by their healthcare professionals. That’s where the Center for Deployment Psychology can help!

Below is a very small taste of the many available resources for healthcare professionals (or anyone working with veterans and service members!).

Image by David Mark from Pixabay, free for commercial use, no attribution required.
  1. Military Culture: Core Competencies for Healthcare Professionals  course. The four modules of this short course will help you understand the fundamentals of military culture, the stressors unique to military lifestyle, and how to best integrate aspects of military culture into your treatment.
  2. Military Culture and Spiritual Health course: Service providers involved in spiritual care will be able to learn “the knowledge and skills needed to provide culturally-informed pastoral care with a focus on warrior ethos, the impact of deployment and combat, moral injury, spiritual growth as well as reintegration into civilian life.”
  3. The Faces of Military Culture video library: Hundreds of service members were interviewed while developing resources on this site, and their stories are archived in these videos, providing “an in-depth and personal look at the military culture.”
  4. More resources, tools, additional training, and even consultation! Explore the site to find the resources you need.

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