Get Started with Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for any organization to 1) communicate internally with your organization or club, and 2) to communicate externally with the community and potential members.

Some examples of social media channels that are popular with small organizations or clubs include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; however, each channel is not created equal. To understand which channel your group would best benefit from and what each channel offers please refer to this guide. In general, Facebook is often a great starting point.

Why Should Your Organization Utilize Social Media?

#1 Tell your story

A social media account can be the perfect platform to tell your organization’s story. Social media lets users create, share, and network. There is no limit to what you can post on a social media account, and your audience will start to grow naturally due to the simple use of it.

Social media isn’t just about broadcasting information about your nonprofit; it presents nonprofits with an opportunity to connect with supporters by responding to questions and comments or joining in conversations. You can share interesting articles or resources, upcoming events, photos, and more — the options are endless. Sharing information that your organization values can go a long way in creating long-term relationships with current or potential members and community members.

#2 Engage and Connect

Social media networks are the perfect platform for asking questions and opening up discussions with your audience. Beginning a dialogue with your followers can make them feel as though their voices and opinions are being heard. This contributes to strengthening your relationship with supporters and building a community of followers.

#3 Affordable Advertising and Promotion

A key benefit of social media marketing is that it allows an organization with a limited budget to reach a wide audience in a quick and cost-effective way. Many small organizations or clubs don’t have the money to spend on an expensive direct mail campaign or an expensive benefit dinner. Even the smallest of organizations can reach and engage their target audience with a well-made, regularly updated Facebook page.


Building a relationship with passionate and influential supporters is easy to do using social media. With regular updates you will soon find a community of individuals that have become dedicated to your organization. Once those supporters have been involved and provided with the necessary information and tools, then they are able to promote your nonprofit and in turn influence others to do the same.

Getting Started

Set up your social media account for your Organization or Club

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